About David Garofalo

David vs Goliath

David Garofalo is known these days as The Cigar Authority. His chain of cigar stores, Two Guys Smoke Shop, are internationally recognized as the highest volume, independently owned and operated brick and mortar retail cigar shops in the world.

About the Author: David Garofalo

David Garofalo may be The Cigar Authority, enjoying acclaimed success as a published author and public speaker, but he made his debut into the business world in a much different place. Armed with a freshly-printed high school diploma, a strong work ethic, and his trademark creativity, David’s first venture was to purchase a cable car diner without any available cash. Starting with nothing, he grew his new business fast and then sold it within three years, paying off his debts and making a decent profit.

David next moved into the fast-growing nightclub market, taking control of neighborhood bars and turning them into profitable nightclubs. As his staff of DJs spun the popular disco hits of the time, David was spinning his marketing skills, experimenting with ground-breaking promotional events that drew patrons to his popular nightspots. From there, David purchased his first cigar shop, and as they say, the rest is history.

David’s entrepreneurial experience, combined with his knowledge of promotional marketing, has set the stage for retail achievement, helping him reach the pinnacle of success.

What David’s Been Up To

Aside from running his successful chain of smoke shops and writing his highly-rated Amazon book, David has his hands in a variety of businesses and initiatives:

As you can see, this published author, orator and B&M retail entrepreneur never has a dull moment!

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